Donald Hall Research Paper

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There are many different types of authors: poets, short story writers, essay writers, children's authors and playwrights. Donald hall just happens to be all of them. He has also had different sections of his life involving different things.One was his early days including education.Another was his mid life where he did majority of his writing and family building.The final part of his life is what he is living right now which is his older time of his life. Through Donald hall's eighty eight years of living eighty nine in September, he has experience many challenges.

Starting off in his early years of life with his childhood included. Donald Hall has been a new englander since his birth in 1928. On September 20, 1928 Donald Hall was born in
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After his prime years Donald started to create a life for himself other than writings. He was married twice once to an unknown woman when he was in college but they were later divorced. Then he was married to Jane Kenyon then she died at the age of 47 to leukemia in 1995. He also had two child a boy and a girl. His daughter's name is Philippa Hall and and his son's name is Andrew Hall. He also had a job that was not just writing. He got a teaching job at michigan college for an english professor where he worked from 18, 1957 to1975. He also lived all over the U.S. He bought his great-grandfather's house which is where he is currently living, which was a great influence to him. Concluding, Donald Hall has overcome many obstacles in his life.
Therefore, Donald Hall has lived more in his life that other people wish to do. He has lived through many deaths in his life but is still an extremely inspiring person. He has also had many challenges in his writing life but overcame all of them. Donald Hall, will live on forever with the writings that he will leaves on this earth when he leaves. Finally Donald hall published more than 50 writings and
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