Donald Trump Immigration Reform Analysis

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Donald Trump’s Immigration Reform: The End of Rational Thought “My fellow Americans, we are and always will be a nation of immigrants. We were strangers once, too.” The President of the United States of America, Barack Obama made this remark while talking about immigrants and immigration reform. This is not a very old country, all of the founding fathers of this country were European immigrants. They were seeking a better life in a foreign land, they gambled everything they had and came to the colonies. Not unlike Mexican immigrants today, who are just trying to make a better life for themselves and their children. Donald Trump has a radical three part plan that will only hurt this country moving forward. Trump plans to build a wall along …show more content…

“For many years, Mexico’s leaders have been taking advantage of the United States by using illegal immigration to export the crime and poverty in their own country (as well as in other Latin American countries)” (Trump 1). He makes statements that diminish immigrants, forcing them all to look like horrible people, who must be kicked out. “...roughly 1.6 percent of immigrant males age 18-29 are incarcerated, compared to 3.3 percent of the native-born” (Ewing, et al). This quote shows there are double the amount of native born men as opposed to immigrant males in our nation’s jails. In fact, “...immigrant youth who were students in U.S. middle and high schools in the mid-1990s and are now young adults have among the lowest delinquency rates of all young people” (Estevez 1). Thus, immigrants are not all, “rapists,” or “bringing drugs and crime,” into our country, as Trump wants us to believe. While the proclamation that all Mexican immigrants are criminals are racist, and unsupported. He also wants to change the constitution; the writing this nation was built on, to suit his personal desires and pander to a segment of …show more content…

In the United States Constitution, it is a right guaranteed to every person born here, that they automatically are granted citizenship. “Under its text, structure and history, anyone born on American territory, no matter their national origin, ethnicity or station in life, is a U.S. citizen” (Rivkin and Yoo). Everyone knows this is in the Constitution, and the process to change the constitution is long and difficult. Stephen Yale-Loeher states "It would require a vote of two thirds of both houses of Congress and then ratification by three fourths of the state legislatures, so politically, I think that's almost impossible" (Kaplan 1). Regardless of his plan, Donald Trump would not, if elected president, have the power to end birthright citizenship. Donald Trump cannot be considered a serious candidate for president, since he does not seem to understand how the constitution works. The solution to this problem would be to stop supporting Donald Trump as a presidential candidate. If America wants to be taken seriously as a country, we cannot elect Donald Trump president. His reforms will damage foreign affairs, hurt our already suffering economical status, and split this country more than it already is. However America should be optimistic that people will open their eyes to his ideas, and stop supporting

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