Doomsday: The Rebuttal Essay

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The world has to end because it began. How the world will end has been the center of heated discussions. The topic of Doomsday has produced conferences, meetings, movies and books attempting to prophesy the end of age. With the emergence of Doomsday prophets have also emerged fallacies that preach propaganda to audiences of those seeking immunity from one sole apocalyptic day. One author in particular is Ronald Bailey. According to, Ronald Bailey has been a science writer for Forbes magazine and wrote an essay called Seven Doomsday Myths About The Environment. Bailey wrote this essay in response to fallacies concerning Doomsday. In his essay he attempts to identify fallacies that are present in seven of the most common…show more content…
Bailey does this by, illustrating the Ad Hominem fallacy tactic. The Ad Hominem fallacy is committed when the “arguer ignores the merits of his/her opponent's argument, and rather makes some reference to the arguer himself/herself, and assumes that this somehow discredits the argument” (qtd. in Hurley 119) this is a way to discredit the opponent. Bailey debunks Doomsday Myths by repeatedly ignoring the merits of his opponent. For illustration Bailey stated, “the gloomy prognostications by the likes of Paul Ehrlich, Lester Brown, Al Gore, Stephen Schneider, and Carl Sagan. There is no scientific evidence to support the often heard claim that there is a global ecological crisis threatening humanity and life on the entire Planet Earth.” (Bailey). He then follows up with more discredit by stating repeatedly in his rebuttal to his opponents claims by stating “False Doomsday Prediction” and “what really happened” (Bailey), as part of his oppositional statement. This tactic debunks the data that was presented by the Doomsday claimant as false, incorrect, and unfounded. Statements such as this are an attempt to insinuate to the reader that the claims that were made by the Doomsdayer’s are false and Bailey’s claims are true. In addition, Bailey himself circums to the use of Appeal to Unqualified Authority fallacy in his arguments to Doomsday fallacies. According to The Appeal To Unqualified Authority
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