Dorothea Lange: Social Realist Volcano

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Dorothea Lange
Dorothea Lange is a social realistic photographer born in 1845. She was born in Hoboken, New Jersey to Johanna and Heinrich Nutzhorn. In her upbringing, art and literature were huge parts of her life. Exposure to the Arts filled her with creativity that carried her to her adult years. After high school was when she decides to pursue photography as a career. She went to Columbia University and then worked hard for seven years as an apprentice. Finally, in 1918 she ran a successful portrait studio in San Francisco. She had two children with her husband a muralist, Maynard Dixon.
Lange traveled southwest with her husband, Dixon. She captured images of Native Americans. The great depression was on its way. She turned her camera
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These photos showed us the growing hopelessness of the workers in the east coast. The photos of the abandoned houses, dirty skin, empty streets, all gave us a feeling of sorrow in our gut. She showed us continually showed us the man without work and the woman trying her best to keep her children alive.
Lange was the first woman to be awarded Guggenheim Fellowship in 1940. She postponed her acceptance of the reward, then it was postponed when they asked her to document the entombment of the Japanese population, after Pearl Harbor. The government asked her to take the photos but then were later seen as controversial and then were confiscated. Lange didn’t see her photos until 20 years later.
Her health problems never stopped Lange. She took photos during her last 20 years. She co-founded a small company called Aperture. They were a little publishing house that made and sold photography books. She stayed active with assignments for LIfe magazine. She traveled throughout the states and Europe with her husband Taylor. She documented whatever she saw along the way with her camera.
Dorothea Lange lost her battle to esophageal cancer on October 11, 1965. She was 70 years old. Her photography still inspires people today. “Migrant Mother,” her most famous work continues to amaze people all around the
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