Dorothy Simmons Murder

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It was a regular sunday morning around 6 a.m. when Mrs. Robinson was taking her daily run in the morning. She jogged around the perimeter of the neighborhood at a fair speed while she pondered her plans for the day. Would she go grocery shopping, would she go out with some friends, or would she just stay at home and continue to grade papers, as she was a school teacher. These thoughts were brought to an abrupt halt when she saw something very peculiar in the corner of her eye. She approached what appeared to be a hunched over figure next to one of the rose bushes that lined the fence of the neighborhood. As she got closer, she realized what it was.

“Oh my gosh…” she said.

It was the dead body of Dorothy Simmons. Dorothy was a close friend …show more content…

The Stephens were very inviting and let the officers come inside, and even offered them food as they searched the house. As the officers were completing their search of the house, the found an old, rusted axe sitting against the garage door. The Stephens used their garage, so the axe had to be put there after the last time they used the garage, as it would be knocked over if the garage was opened. They also noticed that around the edge of the blade, there was no rust, as if someone had scraped the rust off, or had cleaned the axe. It seemed to be the obvious murder weapon, but the officers wanted to investigate further before they made any accusations or arrests.

After a long day of pondering who the murderer was, Officer Darren decided to go out for a drink at the local pub. He saw Mr. Craill across the bar, and watched as he ate a huge meal consisting of a hamburger, fries, beers, steak, and mashed potatoes. It was quite peculiar that Mr. Craill was able to afford such a meal, because he did only have a part time job at a small town burger joint. Several things seemed suspicious that day about Mr. Craill, especially the fact that the gate that separated Craill’s yard from Dorothy’s yard was open along with Craill and Dorothy’s back …show more content…

The reason the doors were open was because Craill broke into the house, and retreated into his own. It also explained why he had enough money to buy such a big meal. Officer Darren brought Michael to jail on terms of murder and breaking and entering a home. Mr. Stephens was dismissed as a suspect and no charges were pressed against anyone else. Michael was tried in court and sentenced to 20 years in prison and parole after release. Many memorials were arranged for Dorothy by Mrs. Robinson and the Stephens. Dorothy’s funeral was attended by her friends and her boyfriend was allowed to come. Following his time in prison, Michael moved out of town, and life continued

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