Double-Nosed Andean Draculin: The Vampire Pets

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Explorer Colonel John Blashford – Snell found a rare breed of a Double-Nosed Andean tiger on his recent trip to Bolivia. The double nose appears to be a regular dog nose but with nostrils separated by a band of skin. The breed is said to possess heightened sense of smell due to their double nose.

Double-Nosed Andean tiger might have come from Pachon Navarro, a breed that was common at the time of Spanish Conquistadors.

Draculin is a protein found in the saliva of vampire bats. Vampire bats drink blood to sustain themselves. The vampire bats contrary to popular beliefs do not suck the blood from their prey. They let the prey to bleed and lap up the gushing blood.

The vampire bat injects draculin when it bites its prey. Draculin prevents

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