Downfall by Richard B. Frank

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Downfall by Richard B. Frank was a very insightful book about the fall of the Imperial Japanese Empire. The book was centered around the recounts and the opinions of Richard Frank on why the Imperial Japanese Empire had collapse. He got his information from credited sources from some highly classified documents from the time of all of the events had taken place. Throughout the book, Frank made references about some minor reasons and major reasons as to why the Empire had collapsed. His biggest reason was the dropping of the two atomic bombs. There will be more details of that in the essay later on.
The first theme that Richard Frank had discussed dealt with the mini bombings that the United States had down to Japan after the attacks on Pearl Harbor. Frank said the reason for these raids on Tokyo was to set the tone for what the United States was capable of. In other words, Frank felt these raids were going to put Japan in the hole in a hurry. The raids were done by B-29s that dropped many bombs on Tokyo. Frank said how these raids left tons of destruction to the city and said how there were around 80,000 killed as a result of the raids. Frank described the city as having constant fire that was hard to be put out. He said how this was Tokyo’s biggest disaster up till that date. Frank exclaimed how these raids had also slowed down the war process from Japan. He said it was because of the shock factor the Japanese endured after the raids. Despite the raids that were committed

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