Collapse, By Jared Diamond

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In his book Collapse, Jared Diamond gives you an in depth look at societies you may or may not be familiar with and shows you the secrets to their success or failure using his personal 5-point framework. I enjoyed this book and thought he made a lot of good points and had convincing evidence to back it up. While reading you could really tell he knew a lot about the areas he discussed because of the depth he went into with details and descriptions. One complaint I would have about the book is the length he went to in the detailed descriptions, at some points I felt he went too far and got a little wordy and with as much as he gave you are left with almost no questions or curiosity. There were a few terms he uses in the book like …show more content…

Located in what is known as Meso-America and over 1,000 miles from the equator, the Mayans inhabited what is known as a “seasonal tropical forest.” This area contained dry seasons,unpredictable rain, and low elevation in many places. The question Diamond tries to address and answer in this chapter is, just how did ”the New World 's most advanced Native American civilization before European arrival” come to an end if it was so successful? He uses his 5-Point Framework to try and answer this. To start the Mayans severely damaged their environment through deforestation, slash and burn farming, erosion, and exhausting the soil. The Maya experienced drought after drought combined with continues climate change which had a harsh effect on the beginnings of the Mayan collapse. The society as a whole was divided into smaller kingdoms that were constantly as war which led to increased food shortages as so much food was needed to feed the armies. They didn’t rely much on trade so relations with friendly neighbors didn’t contribute much to their fall. Another contributing factor was the population, it grew so quickly it essentially outgrew its resources. And lastly the fifth point in Diamonds framework, a society 's response to problems. Why did the leaders and kings notice these issues and attempt to solve them? Diamond explains simply that they were to

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