Essay on Downfall of the Family in We Were the Mulvaneys

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In the novel "We Were the Mulvaneys" by Joyce Carol Oates, the act of rape causes the Mulvaney family to become distant and silent. Since no one wants to talk about the violent event except the youngest son Judd, there were consequences. The consequences of not talking about it are dramatic. The family looses contact with each other, and becomes angry towards each other. However, Judd wants to talk about it, and understand what happened. Since he does want to talk about it, he keeps in contact with every family member, and consequently there is no anger towards him.

After Michael Mulvaney Sr., the father, find outs about the rape, he becomes starts to drink heavily, become silent and angry with his family and consequently he loses
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The next day Marianne is told that she is going to live with Corinne's cousin for a while.

When Marianne first told her mom about the rape, her mom was very supportive and tried to get Marianne to talk about it. Their relationship was good, however it changed over time. She helped Marianne out with everything and told her to keep rested. Corinne tried to talk to Michael Sr. about what happened and what he was thinking, but he insisted that it would be best if Marianne lived somewhere else. After Marianne moved out her mom stopped phoning her. Corinne did not tell Marianne or invite her to Patrick's, the second oldest, graduation. Marianne's grandmother died, and Corinne did not tell her. Marianne found out through her mother's cousin. "The funeral is Thursday at eleven, as I've said. At their church...But your mother doesn't want you to attend, I'm afraid" (324). Even after this, Marianne didn't realize what her mother was doing to her. Whether she knew what her mother was doing to her and didn't say anything or, she knew but just didn't want to believe what she was doing to her.

The reaction of the brothers was a bit different from the reactions of the parents. The oldest son Michael Jr. moved out of the house and into the city. Patrick, the second oldest, stayed quiet until he graduated out of high school. After Michael Jr. moved out he did still work for his father. After some time though, he found out, through his younger brothers, how his
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