Dr. Beckett 's Dental Office

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Case #2 Analysis Dr.Beckett’s Dental Office
Case Study Questions:

1) Price Dr. Beckett’s overhead was between 70-80% of revenues without including the cost of wages or office rental (p.510). Promotion Dr. Beckett did not use any advertisement. The Physical Environment “Dr. Beckett’s new office was Scandinavian in design (reflecting her Swedish heritage and attention to detail.) The waiting room and reception area were filled with modern furniture in muted shades of brown, grey, green, and purple. Live plants and flowers were abundant, and the walls were covered with art. Classical music played softly in the background…There was a small, soundproof
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Dr. Beckett expresses her concern for this issue and understands that it is inevitable from most patients to feel this way. She describes this part of her practice as, “walking on eggshells”, which is a very accurate description. This has the potential to hurt her business but most patients do what is suggested and her job is to make them feel as comfortable as possible, even if they have to physically feel uncomfort. It is very important that Dr. Beckett do a sufficient job of making her patients feel this way. She provides small to minimal waiting times, big, comfortable leather chairs, soothing music, and gives the customer “goodie bags” to take home, this will hopefully leave them when a positive feeling even when they might have just had a painful procedure.

3) When offering a personal service such as dentistry, it is extremely important that patients understand and are aware of the information being presented to them. Many people are naturally fearful of going to the dentist, and educating them can help soothe the process. As Dr. Beckett remodeled her practice to a more upscale establishment, the need to educate her patients increased. To educate her patients, Dr. Beckett required that all new customers have an initial exam that allows them to ask her questions and learn of the many services. In addition to one on one talks with patients, she also purchased advanced technology capable of finding cavities and other diseases. This
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