Dr. Beckett 's Dental Office

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Case #2 Analysis Dr.Beckett’s Dental Office
Case Study Questions:

1) Price Dr. Beckett’s overhead was between 70-80% of revenues without including the cost of wages or office rental (p.510). Promotion Dr. Beckett did not use any advertisement. The Physical Environment “Dr. Beckett’s new office was Scandinavian in design (reflecting her Swedish heritage and attention to detail.) The waiting room and reception area were filled with modern furniture in muted shades of brown, grey, green, and purple. Live plants and flowers were abundant, and the walls were covered with art. Classical music played softly in the background…There was a small, soundproof conference room at the front of the office where children could watch movies or play with toys while their parents were being treated.” (p. 511). People Dr. Beckett, the only dentist in practice at her business, was accompanied by the seven members of her staff. Two of the staff members were assigned to front office duties, two were hygienist’s, and the remaining three were dedicated chairside assistants (p.511). Product the product offered by Dr. Beckett and her colleagues was quality dental service. Dr. Beckett’s mission statement: “It is our goal to provide superior dentistry in an efficient, profitable manner within the confines of a caring, quality environment” (p. 510). Process X-rays were produced digitally on a chairside computer monitor.

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