Dr. Holmes And The Mission Oriented Killers

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may cause the killer to be severely out of touch with reality. Consider Harvey Carignan, a man who was convicted of killing six women, though he claimed to have killed many more. He claimed that he killed the women because God told him to, that God was using him to do away with all of the evil in the world. In psychiatric terms, this type of serial killer could be seen as psychotic as well as antisocial. (Holmes and Holmes 1998) The second group of killers is called the mission-oriented killers. When these kill, they have a goal to target and eliminate certain groups of people. (Holmes and Holmes 1998) Mission oriented killers are able to articulate ambitions of social betterment and utopian aspirations (Haggerty 2009). The mission-oriented killer is not psychotic, he does not hear voices or see visions. He does, however, have a self-imposed duty to rid the world of some unworthy group of people. These people may be Catholics, prostitutes, young women, old men, or any other group of people who deems no longer worthy to live. (Holmes and Holmes 1998) One serial killer of this kind that I came across in the literature is Ronald Dominique. Dominique was teased and bullied throughout the entirety of his school career. He felt powerless in the face of the merciless ridicule of which he was on the receiving end. During his late adolescence and early adulthood, Dominique generated an arrest record including telephone harassment, disturbing the peace, and forcible…
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