Dr. Horrible and Situationalism in Dr. Horrible´s Sing-Along Blog

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When most people think about a movie with super heroes and villain they think of a movie about the hero defeating the villain. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is not one of those movies. In this movie we see that the main focus is on the villain Billy aka Dr. Horrible. This movie is about him trying to get into the evil league of evil, or ELE, which is a group of the most evil villains in this world, but also he is trying to get the love of his life, Penny, to fall in notice him. The first time she talks to him he is in the middle of stealing a part to power his freeze ray. He is to busy with the heist to pay much attention to her. Right when he is about to get the part we met the “hero” Captain Hammer. He tries to stop Dr. Horrible but …show more content…

So they reason Dr. Horrible is trying to kill captain hammer is because that just what villains do. This is something most people see as negative and they label him with this trait. This would be correct with the dark night but not Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. This movie would be better analyzed by a situational view: the view that our individual behaviors are actually influenced by external factors. In this movie he does many things that show he is not a villain. He shows compassion and love for Penny. When he tries to kill Captain Hammer at the end of the movie he says “No sign of Penny. I would give anything not to have her see”. This shows that he doesn’t want penny to see him actually commit evil acts. Also, he doesn’t really want to kill anyone. When he was first told he had to kill to get in the ELE, he stated that “killing is not elegant or creative and it’s not my style”. When his henchman suggest he kill a little boy who grows up to be president or an old lady he is disgusted by that idea. This shows that Dr. Horrible doesn’t want to hurt people, but actually he just wants to change the world for the better. They only way to do this is become part of the ELE. So the main reason he chooses to kill is because he had been put in situations that lead up to him killing. First off he is a super villain so he must follow the super villain agenda. He doesn’t really want to commit these evil acts. He

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