Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Animal Farm

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Recess. To an elementary student, it's the time to run where they want, scream when they want, and discover what they want. A little girl may discover a dollar bill, basking in the sunlight, lying lonely underneath the raggedy swing set. When she picks it up, she examines it and analyzes her options. Rather than pocketing the crisp, green bill, she turns it in to her teacher, knowing that she will be rewarded for her good --yet somewhat selfish-- behavior. Even if we believe that we’re doing a task for someone else, we know that it's for our own benefit.

While it is true that some people devote their lives to help others, sometimes a person who's supposed to do good deeds, doesn't. In the novel The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dr. Jekyll, a respectful scientist, is known to perform blasphemic practices; during one of these practices, he creates an evil alter ego, Mr. Hyde. Through this alter ego, Mr. Hyde commits heresies, letting the evil side take control. When the tendencies grow more frequent, Dr. Jekyll doesn't stop, harming the people around him, yet he believes …show more content…

In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, the farm animals were forced into slavery by the humans. The animals decided to lead a revolution, but with that came corruption. The animals were so desperate for change, that they didn't realize that the pigs had corrupted their government and their way of life; however, when confronted about the corruption, the pigs disregarded the rumors and stated that they were doing what was good for the animals. Eventually, the animals learned that the pigs were doing what was best for them and not the rest of the animals, and their true intentions were revealed. This view to their plans proves that there was never a real plan for complete equality, but for complete control, and that the pigs, despite thinking it was best for the whole farm, really did what was best for

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