Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Movie Vs Book

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Apart from the fact that it is one of the most accurate adaptions of Robert Stevenson’s work, in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the 1968 version movie with Jack Palance, there were a few significant and quite noticeable changes and additions made. Firstly, this novella was not as easy to read as I thought. As I was reading The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, I was often distracted by the huge amount of gothic elements going on throughout the novella which caused me to not concentrate on its main idea. After watching the movie in class, I definitely think it helped me personally, to better comprehend what the novel was all about, both in form and context, despite a couple of changes and additions to the book’s original characters, plotlines and setting. As the movie continued to play, the more I got to develop a feeling of who each of the characters were. Due to this, I started accustom…show more content…
Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I think the only reason that they included it was to add more drama and length to the movie. Because Dr. Jekyll was a shier person and was told constantly Hyde and Gwen’s relationship, he found himself rather jealous of their relationship. However, he knew that without Hyde’s help he would never have Gwen because she had set her heart on him. Because of this, he would swig a few glasses of poison before visiting Gwen so that she would recognize him as Hyde instead of Jekyll. I feel that since Gwen was included into the novella it made Dr. Jekyll want to drink the poison because he knew he would have her; however, because of her, Dr. Jekyll irresistibly drank because Gwen was one of the main reasons why he started to drink in the first place. Therefore, with Gwen’s presence in the novel, I feel that she had caused the disorder to continue since he was set on being Hyde all the time, in order to impress
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