Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde Essay

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English Essay (Prompt 3) Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, created by famous writer R. L. Stevenson, can be considered one of the most famous 19th century novella in the whole world. The author used quite a lot of diversified skills to create an ambience of suspense and mystery. The perspective of narrative used from Mr. Utterson is one of them. First of all, the usage of the perspective of Mr. Utterson draws out the ‘suspense’ element because he is not actually omniscient. The readers can only decipher partial information via the narrative given and try to guess what the truths are. Therefore, this creates a feeling of uncertainty: ‘We get the story this way because it draws out the suspense, the mystery, and the shocking nature that was sort of requisite for shilling shockers back in the day. If we just had the story from Jekyll’s point of view, there wouldn’t have been such a dramatic ending, where we, the readers, get to say: "Ohhh." ( 2016)’. That was an explanation from an online article, but such examples could also be found in the book. For instance, in the chapter ‘Carew murder case’, when the inspector gives Utterson the stick Hyde used to drub Carew, it went like: ‘Mr. Utterson knew the stick at once. “That’s Henry Jekyll’s stick!” (Stevenson, 1993, p.18). This suggests that Mr. Hyde must have a strangely close relationship with Jekyll, which shocks the readers and make the case more whirling. For another, in the Last Night, after hearing the
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