Dracula: Reason vs. Rationality

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In Dracula written by Bram Stoker there is a constant battle between reason using superstition and rationality. Jonathan and Seward are both British men and subsequently express a more rational mindset. As the text continues and Dracula plays a larger role, the characters are forced to use a superstition to describe his role. By the end of the text, Jonathan and Seward use spiritual reasoning to defeat Dracula. Yet these characters use spiritual reasoning, scientific reason becomes the successor because throughout England, rationality is the more adopted method. Stoker uses these characters suggest that even though rationality is the greater successor, the spiritual ideas are still maintained. Rationality and superstition maintain …show more content…

Van Helsing is from Denmark, which lies much further west, representing more spiritual ideas. Therefore, he is able to quickly root vampires as the cause of Lucy’s illness. On the other hand, Seward does not come to this conclusion and it becomes very difficult for him to comprehend Van Heilsin’s methods. Van Helsing buys garlic to hang throughout Lucy’s room. He explains how “I make pretty wreath and hang around your neck, so that you sleep well. Oh yes! They’re like the Lotus flower make your trouble forgotten. It smells like the waters of Lethe . and of that fountain of youth that the Conquistadores sought for in the Floridas”(120-121). Van Helsing does not follow along the English path of diagnosing her sickness and finding a cure that she could take. He completely follows the Eastern thought with mystical cures using garlic. He even draws the parallel to the fountain of youth or lotus flower, which are both completely irrational ideas. Dr. Seward does not follow Van Heising and is confused to see a fellow doctor abandon common methods practice and use garlic in a windowsill to cure Lucy. He said “well, Proffessor, I know you always have a reason for what you do, but this certainly puzzles me. It is well we have no skeptic here, or he would say you are working a spell on a evil spirit” (121). Seward does not understand the spiritual reasoning because he thinks it is ludicrous that a spirit could be vampire or other undead creature could be

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