Dracula, What Is Stoker Revealing About The Demonization Of Women In Victorian Society

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In Dracula, what is Stoker revealing about the demonization of “others” in the Victorian age and how does this relate to treatment of “others” in this group today?
Primary issues/themes: Misogynistic attitudes of women— esp. In terms of female sexuality, gender stereotypes, and the concept of the New Woman vs. the traditional Victorian Woman
1. How did the tutor try to make the student feel comfortable? Be specific.
The student has already done sessions with Jennifer many times, so she is quite comfortable around her.
2. How did the tutor set up/focus on the session? Refer back to the “extraction phase.”
The student looked for quotes relevant to the ideas established in a previous session for the same essay, so Jennifer used this
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Jennifer asked the exploratory questions as review from the previous session; they were asked to refresh the student’s memory about the story. As for the guided questions, they were asked in order for the student to be able to form clear and concise topic sentences.
4. Provide examples of the tutor scaling down/up questions for the student. Why/how were these questions scaled down/up?
The line of questioning above is actually a perfect example of scaling up questions. The exploratory ones are to test the student’s basic knowledge (or memory) from the previous session. The guided questions were to help the student form a clear main idea for her body paragraphs. They were scaled up because once her memory was refreshed, she needed to form her topic sentences.
5. What do you think the student learned? How do you know?
I think the student learned how to analyze a reading clearly. With Dracula, the fact that she likes the book really helps with her analysis. She was able to recognize the difference between how Dracula was killed compared to how Lucy was killed.
6. What type of student was this (reflective types)? How do you know?
The student is a pre-reflective type because she needed to be constantly reminded of what she was writing. For example, the student described the “New Woman” as “misogynistic” rather than “monstrous.” Jennifer had to ask the student to define “misogynistic” in order to remind her that it wasn’t the word she was looking for.

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