Dragon Magick

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Dragon Magick is asking the Dragons to help you in your workings ans rituals and spells. Dragon magick is very uncommonly found it is not a well known path many people do not even know that it exist. So let see what Dragon magic is fueled by the symbolism and energies of Dragons meaning you work with the dragons. Unlike wicca Dragon magic has a code of honor they goes by and wiccans follow the rede where as Dragon magic does not. Dragon magic is also passed down from teacher to student and not found in books. In this tradition you have to be very self-disciplined and you have to be willing to change your life and that around you. In this path you have to be willing to have everyone around you be honest no matter what the cost and you have to be the same.…show more content…
These dragons are in the northern quarter and use the northern corresponce. they stand for endurance,strength,responsibility,prosperity and their negitive is unwillingness to change, stubbornness,lack of consciousness,and weakness. use the Earth dragons to get lasting foundations and long term goals. they are also good for mental nad physical endurance. other names are Stone Dragons, Nature Dragons, Mountain Dragons, and Forest Dragons. The Chaos Dragon is it's own the colors are pure black they blend into the darkness and can look like stars. These dragons are not evil although some thing they are they can seem cruel but are doing for the greater good. They are Chaos and you call them when things can not be done by reasoning and order. they will confront your problem at the root of the problem and get straight to the point they are not Guardians or guides. they are maily work for re-creation of lives, relationships, and jobs, changing luck. they are good for past lives as well. working with this dragon you can not hide anything it knows everything even your deepiest darkest secrets. Chaos Dragons can also be courier warning of devastation, not listening to what they have to say may bring about Chaos in our
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