Book Club Assessment: Dragon Rider

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Book Club Assessment

Do we care about everyone? Everyone talks about how human lives are great, but we need to look at what we created to make our lives comfortable for us. We flood valleys, cut down rainforests, and destroy the lives of animals, just to own land. Does this actually make us happy?
The novel “Dragon Rider” is an amazing story about a journey, a dragon, a boy, and a brownie (a cat like creature) have to cross. This all happens because humans want to flood the valley dragons live in. The story is based on the perspective of imaginary animals. These imaginary animals have to find new homes and have to stay together, so us humans won’t see them. The dragon, boy, and the brownie are going on a dangerous journey to find
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Stopping and thinking about the page I read helped me make my questions. Everyday working and discussing in our book clubs has help us build on to each other. We usually don’t have the same questions but adding together our questions always finishes as a new idea. Questions usually lead to deeper and stronger understanding of the novel. I always have mixed questions, some that are detailed and that I spent time. I also have the ones that I wrote quickly wrote down, not thinking much about it. When, we had to discussing our novel my questions helped me remember and explain what happened in the chapter and I learned many new vocabulary…show more content…
Twigleg, his servant is a homunculus, a tiny human like creature. As, I read the novel I knew that Twigleg hated his master and his job, so I wandered, Why didn’t Twigleg run away? Twigleg had the chance to run away as he was following the others. On the other hand, Twigleg also could stay with Ben, even though he had the chance he still chose to report everything he knew to his master.
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