Dragons: The Most Feared Dragon

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Dragons are the most feared beast in all the realm. The very rumor of their existence strikes terror into the hearts of every sentient beast that dwells on earth. Likewise, dragons themselves are avaricious, and perturbed by the thought of other dragons that might poach their territory. Tolkien once said, “It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him.” It is a commonly accepted fact to steer clear of any dragon that might be nearby. Men, being the most egocentric of creatures, have been known to underestimate the sheer destructive force of a fully developed dragon. Namely, the famed city of Dale, just south of the lonely mountain, was an affluent city in its time. The leaders of this city made preparations …show more content…

The town was alerted of his existence by Bard, but everyone brushed it off as some invention of the crazy lakeman. The leader of the town knew that the dragon was real, and was not so naive as the rest of the inhabitants. Although, knowing this, the leader of the lake only had one thing in mind, money. The master of the lake had no regard for the people in his town, and couldn’t care less for their sake. The dragon came, nonetheless, tried, and would have successfully exterminated everyone in the town, if it weren’t for the brave acts of Bard. All of this previously mentioned applies directly into modern society. The people of our time are, for the most part, unsuspicious of any imminent threat on us. Furthermore, we been brainwashed to think that the government will be there to protect us from anything, and that we will be impervious to any kind of assailants. In conclusion, well, think of the tale of Dale, and of Lake Town. They had the same idea of safety imbedded in their minds, and in the end had no invulnerability against the dragon. By the same token, we are at the highest risk of enemy attacks since the World Wars, and have no apprehensions. Think of this people, when you sit smugly in your homes, watching the rest of the world in chaos. Conversely, you are safe from all harm, and have no uneasiness. Smaug will come, and the world will not be

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