Drawing: A Little Girl Stretching her Hand to Touch the Rain, Waiting for the Rainbow

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These days, many people are thinking about “Why am I suffering?” or “Life is so difficult.” Probably there are times when people don’t want to go on with life because life just keeps on getting harder and harder. However, this picture can help soothe people. It says “Everyone wants happiness nobody wants pain but you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.” In this picture, we see a girl’s hand stretching out to feel the rain. It seems that she is prepared to go to the heavy rain and the background is rather blue and cloudy. This shows us that the girl is ready to go to the rain so that later, she can see the rainbow. The font type is pretty blue and seems really glum. Also, if you see the font, the font is more focused but blends well …show more content…

So I think the author did a good job conveying the message with the rain. The context sounds pretty persuasive, and the font makes the overall ambience gloomier and blends well with the background. The font makes it gloomier by making the font dark and black. In addition, the thickness and a bit smudged writing add some extra sad detail to the picture. Furthermore, the words are all in lower case letter and have no punctuations. The author didn’t put punctuations because the author wanted to convey that life will keep on going and a period means a stop. But the author is saying that this endless cycle of life will happen until the end of your life. So he wanted to emphasize how important life is.
Although this picture and message sounds hopeful, there may be a hidden message to the picture. In simple terms, many people think that the rain is actually pain and rainbow is happiness; however, if you look at the picture deeper, then you can realize something totally different. Rain is not just pain, but rain can be something valuable. Without rain, life wouldn’t exist. Every living thing on earth needs rain to survive. It nourishes all living organisms including plants and it also purifies us from the dirty stains. But at the same time, rain can be detrimental. If there is too much rain, it can cause flooding, which leads to soil erosion, and killing living things by drowning

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