Dream Analysis Essay

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The Meaning of a Dream

The best part of a long, hard-working day is when you finally get to lay in your bed, close your eyes and let your imagination run free. As you sleep your mind takes you to another place far away from the real world. You begin to dream. Over the night, you may have several dreams. In the morning, you may wake up and wonder what your dreams were suppose to mean for you and your life. By analyzing your dream, it "gives a true picture of the 'subjective state'-how we really feel about ourselves-which the conscious mind cannot or will not give" (Wietz 289). In order to find the meaning of a dream, you have to pick out the most important symbols and define them. But you may be wondering what exactly is a symbol?
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My dream began in a huge mansion late one night. I began to walk down the long, narrow hall. Bright flashes of lightning lit up the hallway for seconds at a time and bangs of thunder shook the whole house. Candles were lined up along my path to light my way slightly. As I walked further and further, I approached the end of the hall where a full sized statue stood. It was standing in shadows and so I had to get close to see it well. All of a sudden, the statue lifted up his solid steel foot with the worn sole of his shabby shoe facing me. It was trying to show me something on the bottom but it was too dark for me to see. I was frightened and began to run in the opposite direction down the hall. Then I woke up. What could this dream mean for my life and me? I wanted to find out.

The lightning was one symbol the really stood out from the rest. As a symbol, the lightning could "represent...energy and a fantastic, altering force. It is generally a positive dream symbol which represents the dreamers 'awakened' state of consciousness. At times, a sudden shift in awareness, or unpredictable news, may shock us and leave us feeling anxious. However, enlightenment of any kind has long term positive implications" (Ivin). The form of the lightning could transform its meaning. "If you see strong lightning in your dream you will find yourself the recipient of a fantastic money making idea that really works. And if you see lightning flash from the sky and

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