Dream Deferred, By Langston Hughes

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“Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.” – Langston Hughes (Hughes 2,1-4). Dreams are a subset of today’s forever changing world, and without them there would be no advance. Because of the importance of dreams, one can only imagine the possibilities of what may happen when these fantasies are not pursued. “Dream Deferred,” by Langston Hughes, brings awareness to those thoughts when viewing African Americans. Hughes, a very influential individual, provides a voice for these peoples, which is hardly ever issued. The text and author are products of the Harlem Renaissance, the time of the advancement of African Americans. The Harlem Renaissance is an impact on the “Dream Deferred,” and speaks of dreams…show more content…
Due to the poem being open ended, it is intended for the readers to either answer or infer what the outcome of delayed dreams are. Not only the aspect of real life contributes to the image of “Dreams Deferred,” but feelings as well. As Davashish Kumar further explains the meaning behind this piece of art in his analysis on Quora, more emphasis is put towards feelings that may occur when goals are not reached. Most words used in Kumars explanation have negative meanings to assist in describing the mood and tone of “Dream Deferred.” Some of which include: regret, sorrow, and turmoil. People often regret terrible decisions and missed opportunities, and to understand the outcome brings a feeling of sadness. This spreads as the thought of what may come in the future begins to form. Kumar gives an explanation of deferred dreams and what feelings may occur after, while continuing to describe the relation between life and lines nine and ten of “Dream Deferred.” Hughes provides imagery of real occurrences that aid in describing the outcome of unfollowed visions. One of which relates substantially to the common man and woman of…show more content…
Or does it explode?” (Hughes 10-11). The literal inference of the quote supplied appertains to working African Americans. Because Hughes acted as a voice for colored people, it paved the way for Caucasians to better understand the position of African Americans. Some of which were in positions that often wondered about the future and what may come next. When speaking of domestic life and the uncertainty of what happens when fantasies are pushed to the side, it is much like an unwanted job. When talking about a “heavy load,” the first thought that may come to mind is work. Certain jobs can become very stressful, which, in return, acts as a weight on a person’s shoulder. “A feeling of regret and sorrow makes the dreamers feeble and thus they ‘sag’ under the burden of life” (Kumar 8). Eventually, those who suffer from large amounts of stress, crack. In history, the heavy load is those who oppress people of color. The “sag” is the thought of what may happen to a dream deferred, and the explosion is the revolt and/or protest. Domestic life may give clarity toward the unknown outcomes toward deferred dreams of black individuals, but metaphor supplies comparisons to produce
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