Dream House for the Future

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Most young adults dream of what their perfect dream home would be like in the future compared to the family home they live in now. They plan out each and every minute detail of the entire home and picture in their minds exactly how they wish their dream home to be. The idea of planning a perfect dream home is a way to push and motivate a person towards their goals and strive for something better in the future. From my point of view, the location of my dream home is very important. I have always loved the thought of living surrounded by nature and the outdoors because in my family home I live in now I live in an apartment complex, surrounded by a small parking lot, and a bunch of parked vehicles. I imagine my dream home near a flowing river built in the countryside with a great deal of open land. In addition, my house’s position would enable me to have as many pets as I desire in contrast to my family home where I am only allowed one pet along with a damage deposit. I would love my dream home to be built not very close to any other houses, so I can have privacy. Also, I would like my dream home to be considerably close to the city in case of any emergency situation and to help supply the necessities for me and my home. I believe that my dream home’s interior design should be carefully planned and thought out as well. My family home’s interior design is plain with every room painted a dull white color. There is not much character or details flowing throughout my family
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