The Importance Of Interior Design And Architecture

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Interior design and architecture are essential, and often overlooked, aspects of everyday life. In modern society people rely on function, durability, and visual appeal when selecting designs for their homes, businesses, and places of leisure. The way that a space is designed influences such things as mood, which, in the case of a business, can impact the productivity of employees and either draw or repel customers. In residential design, the design becomes very personal and, to be considered a successful design, must properly reflect the home owner while at the same time offering some practicality that makes the space livable. An effective design, for any space, must solve some problem, be it function, flexibility, or some other criteria. Simply solving a problem would not please the customer, however, unless it offered some visual appeal. Creating function with style is the real job of any interior designer, and is essential in a content society. Unfortunately, there are some contemporary issues which impact interior design in a negative way. A large majority of modern customers have specific, and sometimes unrealistic, ideas of what they desire their space to look like. A designer is then assigned the difficult task of pleasing the customer in a practical way. One thing which may contribute to this issue is the easy access to pictures of other designs that, while perfectly suited for their own spaces, are either not practical for the client’s space or else may

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