Dreams And Visions : Is Jesus Awakening The Muslim World?

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For six years, Ibrahim had been unconvincingly told by Muslim religious leaders in his city that the appearance of a glorious man in his dream was surely the Prophet Muhammad. When Ibrahim decided to share his dream with a Christian missionary in his town, he was overjoyed to find that the man who had come to him in his dream was not the Prophet Muhammad, but the same man found and described in Revelation 1:12-16. Before the encounter with the Christian missionary, Ibrahim had never heard of, much less read from the Bible. The discussion of his dream with the missionary ultimately led to a proclamation of the Gospel, in which Ibrahim would hear the Gospel for the first time, and ultimately come to faith in it weeks later. Stories of…show more content…
Instead, it is important that the subject is approached with a sense of openness for the skeptic and a healthy amount of caution for the readily believing. In an over-arching sense, the subject must be approached carefully and critically. Before moving further in the discussion of the continuation of dreams and visions as a means of God’s continued revelation today, it would be important to define briefly what exactly dreams and visions are. Defining Dreams and Visions It may seem unnecessary to define something as common to us as dreams. Each and every person, in one degree of lucidity or another, has experienced dreams and does so on a recurring basis. In defining and understanding what exactly dreams and visions are, along with their similarities and differences, we continue to turn to Morton T. Kelsey. Kelsey notes that, while we cannot certainly understand what sleep is, we can understand that it is a specific type of consciousness, a transient interruption of the waking state. During this interruption of the waking state, there are two states that appear to take effect in the human brain, known by psychologists as the “primary-process activity” and the “secondary-process mentation.” The primary-process activity is the time during sleep in which the sleeper experiences a single picture or figure, or even a vivid and elaborate story. It is not uncommon for the sleeper to experience this phase of

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