Drive Home-Personal Narrative

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While my wife and I worked as a customer service representative in a call center, we both decided to take the rest of the day off. On our drive home, we both were excited because it is rare that we both get to take off at the same time. We began to plan what to do for the rest of the afternoon. As we pulled into our driveway, my wife had pushed the garage button to open the door. She drove in and I hurriedly ran into the house. Having not noticed anything till I saw a man run out the front door of our home with the door standing wide open. I noticed that the lights were on in the house. I ran back into the garage and told Amber and our children to stay put. I reached over and grabbed a ball bat and ran back into the house. Then I ran out the front door only to see the man racing his truck down the street. Coming back into the house, I looked all through the house to make sure it was clear before allowing my wife and children inside. Once the coast was clear, we began to look around and we had many things missing and moved. …show more content…

We called 911 and explained to the operator what had happened. As it seemed like hours before the police showed up, I tried to comfort my wife. Amber was quite upset over this ordeal. She wanted to leave and get a hotel. She did NOT feel safe. Think about it, every mother wants to make sure that her babies are safe from harms way.

The officer came into our home and looked at the front door. It was all damaged. You could see a footprint on the door itself where someone had kicked it open. The officers searched for fingerprints on the door and windows. Then the time came when the officers were finished with there investigation of the crime scene (our home). They spoke to us with the news we did not want to hear. “Sorry to hear your home was broken into, we will see if we can find the person that did this, but we can’t say for sure unless your items show up in a pawn

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