Driverless Car Essay

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Technology in the world today is advancing every single day. Scientists have made a new step technology with the invention of the driverless car. The driverless cars aren't quite ready to roam the streets by themselves yet, but this a huge step towards the new technology. This new technology is ultimately going to change the world. Driverless cars are a hot discussion in today's society because they are the new technology. The topics in today's society about the driverless car consist of, how it works, the problems with the car, and how this is being put to use in today's society. First, driverless cars are quite confusing, how are cars able to drive without a person behind the wheel? How do they work? The car has multiple different …show more content…

A human is able to predict what to do by thinking, but the car doesn't necessarily think on tough situations like that, by this the car is not quite reliable to fully trust out on the roads. If there was a collision with the car, who is to blame for the fault of the driverless car. Because the car is run by a computer it has the likelihood of getting hacked by another computer which would ruin the car. The cars are estimated to be able to drive in about 2030. There are still many bugs to be fixed in the system of the driverless car until it becomes totally operational on its own. The last thing that is a concern in today's society is how this car will be put to use in today's world. The car could, in fact, millions of saving lives, because 90% of wrecks are caused by humans. It still is yet to be determined if driverless cars are safer than humans. These cars can be put to use to save drunk drivers and the other people out on the road. If we use the cars in proficient ways they could be ideal for today's society. Although the cars could ultimately save lives, we as citizens tend to be really lazy. If we had driverless cars we would be on our phones the whole time not paying attention. We would get lazy, and forget how to drive. Driverless cars could be a very good technology if we use it correctly, if not it could eventually

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