Driverless Cars Research Paper

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Despite remaining issues with technology, driverless cars should be allowed on the city streets. A car that drives itself sounds insane, but it could help thousands of people every day. Say you know someone who can’t get to places easily and is disabled, then they could use the driverless car to get to wherever they like. The driverless car is electric, which means the car is environmentally friendly and could decrease the amount of pollution. That isn’t the only thing that driverless car can provide, it is safer than most people on the road and you are most likely not to be involved in an accident. The driverless car can benefit a lot of people in need.
Having a driverless car might decrease your chances of being in an accident and could be safer than driving yourself. There has only been 1 accident related to car malfunction in the two years they have been piloting the driverless car. Furthermore, in the United States, over 37,000 people die in road crashes each year, which indicates that in one year, more people have died from human error than in two years with the driverless car.
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“A recent report by the Intelligent Transportation Society of America projects that so-called intelligent transportation systems (ITS) could achieve a 2 to 4 percent reduction in oil consumption and related greenhouse gas emissions each year over the next 10 years as these technologies percolate into the market.” This shows that the driverless car can reduce the number of pollution each year when someone purchases an electric driverless car they are helping the environment. Therefore, with driverless cars, there would be cleaner air in the environment for humans to breathe better and for plants to grow strong and provide more resources for us. Electric driverless cars would decrease the use of gas and reduce the amount of pollution in the air and make the environment
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