Driver's Obligation

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Our case is similar to Bishop in that both Ms. Johnson and Elizabeth Morich did not have implied or expressed permission to drive the vehicle at the time of the accident nor did they have a valid driver’s license. Brenda Johnson took Mr. Franklin’s keys to his vehicle without his permission and got into an accident. At the time of the accident, Ms. Johnson’s driver’s license was suspended, due to some unpaid tickets and was denied permission to drive Mr. Franklin’s vehicle. Elizabeth Morich took her mother’s keys to her vehicle without implied or expression permission and got into an accident. However, in the past Elizabeth Morich did drive the vehicle. On cold mornings, she would start the vehicle and move the car in the driveway in order to wash it. Elizabeth Morich did not have a valid driver’s license.…show more content…
Morich, 250 Ill.
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