Driving Cars : A New Way Transportation Essay

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New innovated technology is rising for the automotive industry; self-driving cars are going to be a new way transportation. With new technology already placed in newer model cars like Honda Civics and Tesla’s Model X, for example, have accelerating and breaking without the interaction of the driver. Slowly the demand is increasing for self- driving vehicles in businesses. Since self-driving cars is going to be new for society to get accustomed to, there will be a lot of challenges in regards to its safety, costs, environment, regulations and infrastructure. The purpose of this report is to introduce basic information and background on self-driving autonomous. Also by suggesting strategies how useful and efficient it can be for businesses to adapt to new technology like self-driving cars. Further, this report not only looks at the business aspect of it but also considers how it is going to affect society with new regulations, infrastructure, safety, costs of the consumer/manufacturers and the environment. Using self–driving cars in businesses can help increase their profits by also lowering their costs liability, gaining them revenue in the short and long run. Given new companies like Uber and Lyft, both taxi services give the rider the option on where and when they want to be picked up by their private driver. The demographic that mainly use these services are the ages between (18 years old–39 years old) it has become an epidemic and only going to get more popular in

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