Negative Effects Of Self Driving Cars

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A new technology is approaching, and it may change the world forever. Imagine a planet where traffic does not exist and there are no more drunk drivers on the roads putting people’s lives in danger. With the invention of self-driving cars, this dream world can be made into reality. A self-driving car is exactly what it sounds like, a car that operates on its own without a human driver. They have raised many controversies as to whether this invention is good or bad. Many people believe that self-driving cars are a threat to humanity, but it is the complete opposite. Self- Driving Cars will have a positive impact on society for many different reasons. In the year 2013, 3,154 people were killed due to distracted driver related crashes. Motor vehicle accidents are the number two leading cause of preventable deaths. Once driverless cars are put onto the streets, these numbers would decrease drastically. Imagine losing your loved one due to a teenager that was drunk or texting while driving. Self-driving cars cannot drink behind the wheel nor take a text back their best friend. Not only does accident collisions happen due to distracted driving but also angry drivers. Some drivers can be very aggressive on the road. With the addition of driverless cars, road rage drivers can be eliminated from society. Speeding drivers are also a very high cause of accidents and innocent pedestrians being hit. Driverless cars are equipped to follow the rules of the road and keep the streets safe
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