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On November 24, 2017 at approximately 0338 hours, I observed a red Dodge four door sedan bearing Texas tag CK5S259 traveling east on Richey DR approaching US HWY 19 in Port Richey, FL. I observed the driver side headlight of the vehicle to be out. The Dodge turned left (north) onto US HWY 19 and I maneuvered my unmarked patrol vehicle behind it. I initiated my emergency equipment and conducted a lawful traffic stop on US HWY 19 just north of Ridge RD. The Dodge slowed, but continued north on US HWY 19 until coming to a stop in front of the Burger King located at 9010 US HWY 19 Port Richey, FL. I made contact with the driver of the vehicle, who was identified as Amy Jae Brown. There was a front seat passenger, who was identified as …show more content…

Cox conducted the inventory search, which revealed the following narcotics / paraphernalia in the vehicle: • In a bag on the back seat of the vehicle was an eyeglass case. Inside of the case was a spoon with residue, a contact case, and two syringes. Inside of the contact container was a dissolving brown pill and white residue. • Inside of a wallet on the back seat were two pills marked “c 1” and one pill marked “G3722.” The pills marked “c 1” were identified using DRUGS.COM as Clonazepam 1 MG, a schedule IV controlled substance. The Pill marked “G3722” was identified using DRUGS.COM as Alprazolam 2 MG, a schedule IV controlled substance. Amy admitted the pills on the back seat were hers. She advised they had been given to her by a friend and were for personal use. She advised the white powder on the spoon and contact container was either oxycodone or hydromorphone. She advised the brown pill was Opana. She advised the pills were for her and her boyfriend’s personal use. The white powder was tested for oxycodone with a positive result. Oxycodone is a schedule II controlled substance. The Opana was tested with an opioid test kit with a positive result. Opana is a schedule II controlled substance. Amy confirmed she did not possess a valid prescription for any of the controlled substances. Pasco Towing responded to the scene and transported the Dodge to PRPD, where it was impounded. Amy was issued UTC A2IDFUE reference DWLSR with knowledge,

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