Drug Abuse : Act Of Marijuana Use

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Drug Abuse Implications in Reference to Marijuana use Drug abuse is too much consumption of drugs which results in problematic consequences as a result of the excessive consumption. The issue of drug abuse has presented major controversies as to whether or not is detrimental to health and should not be used or whether people have the absolute right to do whatever they may please with their lives so long as nobody else is being affected. The abuse of drugs has not only disastrous consequences for a drug user but his or her entire family as well. In the present times, the abuse of drugs is at its peak. Particularly in the third world countries and the developing countries, individuals and specifically youth has been involved in such nefarious activities which are only ruining their lives. At the name of freedom and liberty, many countries are disseminating such a mentality that every adult is free to his or her own life styles (Regier et al., 1990). The report by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) shows that 24.6 million Americans aged 12 or older were current (past month) illicit drug users, which is a representative of 9.4 percent of this age group (SAMHSA, 2014). The use of psychoactive substance poses a detrimental effect to the health, social and economic fabric of families, communities and nations. The worldwide use of psychoactive substance is estimated at 2 billion alcohol users, 1.3 billion smokers and 185 million drug users
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