Drug Addiction : A Worldwide Epidemic

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Drug addiction is a worldwide epidemic. Drug abuse is the intake of a substance which is catastrophic to one’s health. Substances such as cocaine, heroin, Marijauna, prescribes medicatio, etc. A regular use of said substances can cause one to become addicted. Drug addiction is referred to as a chronic relapsing brain disease, it is referred to as a disease because substance abuse alters the structure of the brain. The analysis of different surveys and interviews shows that in developed countries such as the U.S., almost 9% of citizens regularly consume some drugs today (Goode 28-29). Although many factors can cause people to fall into drug addiction, many treatments exist to save them from unhealthy and or deadly consequences.
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It is not hard for an individual to order drugs online and take the parcel with the product from a specific place. It becomes easy for the drug dealers to avoid the control of the police officers with the help of such a system. As a result, more and more people receive access to drugs. At the same time, specific drugs are legalized in some countries, such as the Netherlands. Therefore, all people could try it for the first time easily. Needless to say, that even the first dose leads to the formation of drug addiction.
The addiction to drugs is based on the peculiarities of the human psychology. The fact is that the drugs change some processes in the brain, which is usually the result of drug abuse. It is obvious that drug addiction is extremely dangerous for the consciousness of an individual because it is very hard to overcome it. It happens because the drugs have a direct impact on many functions of the brain, especially those connected with person’s mood and emotions. Larry Gaines states that “most drugs affect the brain 's "reward circuit" by flooding it with the chemical messenger dopamine, which controls the body 's ability to feel pleasure” (Gaines 17). Consequently, an individual becomes happier after the consumption of drugs. Unfortunately, this state of happiness is illusory.
It is possible to state that even the short-term drug abuse leads to the formation of drug addiction. It becomes harder

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