Drug And Alcohol Abuse Has Been Rife

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For decades, drug and alcohol abuse has been rife. They are a huge problem in our society. Not only has the drug problem increased, but many drug related problems are rising as well. Men, women, and children are becoming addicted to illicit substances because they are too available to them. Billions of dollars are spent to aid the prevention of drug abuse, to treat addicts, and to fight the war on drugs. This is a very combative problem, the more it’s fought, the more it fights back. Drugs and alcohol not only affect a person physically, but also psychologically and economically. In addition to breaking the law, these people put themselves into vulnerable situations, that can change their lives forever. Drugs produce unpredictable,…show more content…
The most commonly used stimulant is cocaine. Stimulants are extremely addictive. These addictions are known to erode mental and physical health; they become so strong that the drugs begin to dominate over all aspects of the user’s life. Physical risks for using a stimulant include but are not limited to: high blood pressure, increased heart rate, hyperventilation, and a rise in body temperature. More severe risks include heart attacks, strokes, brain seizures, and loss of immune system function. Psychological factors are similar to those of depressants, but they tend to be more violent: paranoid and erratic behavior, hallucinations, and sometimes “bugs” will crawl all over them. Stimulants can also lead to confusion, anxiety, depression, and loss of interest (Parrott).
Drugs and Alcohol have many effects on a person’s mind and body. If prolonged use of these substances continues, the effects can be serious or even life threatening. Parents, teachers, the media, and friends all have a large impact on how others see the world. Teachers and parents must take the time and responsibility to teach and inform the next generation about drugs and alcohol. If a child has the proper awareness and guidance, he will be less likely to use them in his adolescence and adulthood. Parents and teenagers may be overwhelmed by the fear of drug and alcohol abuse. Parents cannot control all of the things their children do. Though they can set an example and provide
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