Drug And Alcohol Testing On The Workplace

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Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Workplace
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Rebecca Walsh
By Brett Tate and Brandon Bracko

November 17, 14

People often question drug and alcohol testing in the work place. It is a controversial subject that has a range of mixed emotions. But where do you draw the line when it comes to crossing the boundaries of prying into one’s personal life? This report will explain the legal, and ethical issues surrounding the topic of drug and alcohol testing in the work place.

Why should a company drug test?
1 in 10 workers (11%) reported using alcohol while at work and 4% reported using alcohol 4 hours prior to coming to work during the previous 12 months. (Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission, 2003).
15% of employed individuals abused drugs within the past year. (National Survey on Drug Abuse, 2008 SAMHSA)

Figure 1 – Supreme Court of Canada quote regarding a workplace random alcohol test rejected by top court. January 14th, 2013.

Legal Issues

Drug testing may be one of the most argumentative issues faced by companies struggling to develop fair programs to deal with the penalties of substance abuse in the workplace. Although there are many arguments that are supportive of testing, this section will be focused on the legal issues of drug testing and how it affects the workplace.

Legal issues…
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