Drug Dependency Essay

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What is dependency? The dictionary definition of dependency is “The state of relying on or being controlled by someone or something else.” Meaning that drug dependency is when a person relies on a drug to function normally. The same may happen with alcohol. Recent research has shown that drug and alcohol dependency has been steadily increasing. Most theorize that it is the result of stress and peer pressure. However, there have been many ideas concocted to help those addicted handle their situation. For as long as people can remember, human beings have always used drugs and consumed alcohol. From the Indians huddling around a fire and smoking the peace pipe, to the Irish drinking whiskey to their heart’s content, drugs and alcohol have…show more content…
In society today there are many things that can cause stress. From one’s job to their children and even just driving to work. Todays society demands everything to be quick and efficient putting large amounts of stress on any normal human being. Poverty may also play a major role in the sudden increase in alcohol and drug dependency. With today’s economy spiraling downwards and men and women being laid off. They may look for something to relieve the stress of their life and turn to substance abuse. Also, instead of being laid off, one’s work itself can cause enormous amounts of stress. For example, if one was a lawyer the stress of a certain case maybe immense. One could be the sole reason a man or woman goes to jail for the rest of his or her life. That much stress could drive anyone to start abusing drugs and or alcohol. The amount of stress that society puts on people today is suspected to be one of the leading causes for this increase in drug and alcohol abuse. The abuse of these substances has steadily increased as our economy declined. Meaning that the harder the times are getting and more difficult it is to make money, more and more people are turning towards drugs to help relieve them of that stress and to comfort them. Adolescence and teenagers are the largest majority of drug
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