Drug Law Violations And Its Effects On The Lives Of Individuals

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Millions of people are arrested every year because of drug law violation. For the longest time in our history the practice of drug wars have led to exceptional rates of incarceration and marginalization of many Americans, targeting poor people and people of color-while failing to lower the actually issue at hand of drug use and other drug-related harms. In this paper, I will address and define the terms “decriminalization” and “harm reduction”. Also will reflect on the sale/use of prescription opiates, in parallel to the use I will identify how it effects society as a whole, by analyzing one cost and one benefit from the use/sale of prescription drugs. Lastly, I will apply a “harm reduction” strategy to the negative consequences that are …show more content…

Strategies such as safer use, managed abstinence, and addressing conditions of drug usage. These strategies aim to protect the health, respect, and rights of the individuals touched by drug use. In essence, harm reduction is a social movement, built on justice for the individuals, communities, cities, and countries. (Dingel, 2015)
Prescription opiates are several drugs that originate from white juice of certain species of poppy. Some commonly used opiates are: Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Codeine, Heroin, Morphine, and many more. They act as a depressant on the human body that include and are not limited too; pain relief, sedation, muscular relaxation, and euphoria(Conrard,1992). Opiates fundamentally are depressants of the nervous system. Continued use of opiates leads to a physical tolerance, where dosages must be increased to maintain the physical effect. A benefit that presents from the use of opiates is in medical practice, “A standard British medical text, used widely in America, recommended opium for a variety of common medical problems: to mitigate pain, to allay spasm, to promote sleep, to relieve nervous restlessness…But experience has proved its value in relieving some diseases in which not one of these indications can be at all-time distinctly traced. (Conrard,1992)” If used properly and correctly, prescribed opiates were success in relieving moderate

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