Drug Pros And Cons Essay

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There are also some pro and cons of drug testing. Although drugs are seen in a negative manner there are some advantages. Performance enhancements are also used to help recover from injuries quickly. Drugs can also help reduce anxiety, pain, and stress. Drugs are known to have more of a negative effect on health than positive (Jost, Kenneth 24). Although, they are known to have a short-term enhancement they, “cause impotence, worsening acne, balding and “steroid rage.” (Jost, Kenneth 26). Another con of drug use is creating an unfair advantage. Performance enhancements do not create a level playing field but rather a competitive advantage. The use of drugs can also create health problems and death. Once addicted it may be hard to become sober. The use of steroids can create liver abnormalities, altered appearances, and psychiatric illnesses(Wong, Glenn 50). Finally, the use of drugs can create legal penalties and expenses. A major case in the professional sport industry that has a huge influence on anti-doping are the following is BALCO. BALCO is a scandal that involves the use of performance enhancements. Barry Bonds a former Major League Baseball player was found to be in a scandal with his former trainer Greg Anderson. Because Anderson was found guilty of giving athletes steroids this led to the speculation of Bonds using drugs. His defense was that the drugs were used for arthritis and dietary needs. However, Barry Bonds were convicted for four counts perjury and one
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