Drug Subdiction And Addiction

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Imagine having a trait in your personality or something inside of you that you cannot control. Your freedom is taken away and is now controlled by a compulsion that takes over all of your actions or choices, despite what consequences this may bring as a result. Also, despite in what those claim to believe, the compulsion takes over all original morality or beliefs. Those who struggle with addictions of any kind are unconstrained or not limited to any sort of freedom; however, addicts are not truly acting freely or at their own will, the compulsion is feeding off of this craving and results in the lack of freedom when the opportunity is technically present but never acted on. In this class, we have brushed over examples involving addiction, compulsive behavior and whether that is an act of freedom or determinism. A question that I propose and would like to revolve my argumentative paper around is if drug addiction or other illegal addictions are crimes or diseases? And how does this question relate to philosopher A.J. Ayer’s piece Freedom and Necessity and his beliefs on free will and compulsion. I believe that addiction is quite a relevant topic that has always been categorized as very taboo in society, it is beyond important to begin educating about the reality or drugs and addictions so we know what to look for. As a relevant example a musical artist named Gustav Ahr, or otherwise known as his stage name Lil Peep, recently overdosed last month at the young age of 21. An
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