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Mandatory Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients

Mandatory drug testing for welfare recipients is a controversial issue. Should the government hold people accepting government entitlement’s accountable for illegal drug use or would this type of action cross the boundary of civil liberties into an invasion of privacy? The government has a vested interest in getting welfare recipients back into the working population. Holding welfare recipients accountable for illicit drug use only ensures the government’s monetary investment in human resources is protected. Mandatory drug testing for welfare recipients would be beneficial to the state despite its initial cost to initiate the program.
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Many citizens thought Florida was the first state to require drug testing for welfare recipients but they were not. “In 1996, Congress said states could test welfare recipients for illegal drug use. In 1999, Michigan instituted mandatory drug test for all welfare regardless of suspicion. But this kind of testing was struck down in as unconstitutional, discouraging other states (Bowers, 2011).” In 2010, shortly after taking office, Florida’s Governor, Rick Scott proposed a bill to mandate blanket drug testing for all state cash assistance programs. In 2011, Florida became the first state to pass and fully implement a bill mandating suspicion less drug screening for all applicants after Michigan’s legal loss. Many people feel the remaining employees are being held to a higher standard than those on welfare. The American Civil Liberties Union has declared mandatory drug testing by the federal government on welfare recipients intrudes on the rights of poor citizens. Yet, most working class citizens have to take drug tests in order to maintain employment. Nearly every profession in the private sector requires drug testing. New hires at

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