Drug Trafficking And Its Effects On America

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In a country of struggling economies, many have viewed the drug trade as one South American’ s most successful businesses. Latin America 's drug trafficking industry has been depicted in United States popular culture through motion pictures such as Scarface and Traffic. The purpose of my research is to take away society’s perception of what Hollywood has depicted drug trade to be and bring out what narcotics trafficking really is, as well as trying to coincide with the motivations of those people who take part in this. I will present the origins of drug trafficking, case studies regarding two countries (Mexico and Colombia), as well as the overall effects of the business on South America and United States. Drug Trafficking in South America starts in the early 19th century.
The origins of marijuana is from the cannabis plant, geographically it is originated from Central Asia, this plant can also be found in South America and Mexico. In 1492 the cannabis plant was introduced during the Columbian Exchange. In between the mid-fifteenth century, the Spanish began to sell cannabis (marijuana) commercially throughout the Western Hemisphere. Although production in Latin America was very limited, there is evidence that many operations were successful throughout Mexico and Chile (Bagley, 2013) Revitalization of the marijuana trade has recently been experienced throughout South America.Various parts in South America were reported to be accounted for marijuana seizures, about 12%,
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