Drug Use And Its Effects On America Essay

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Drugs have been used throughout the world for thousands of years, whereas drug use has existed here in the U.S for a little over a hundred years. Regardless of the time of existance or when and why they were created, drug use is and has always been a major problem throughout our society. From the opium addicts of the late 1800s (The Drug Policy Alliance, 2016), the Rock and Roll heroine addicts of the 1960s and 70s, to the creation of a more affordable cocaine-like drug called "crack" in the 1980 's, drugs have consistently been proven to contribute to criminal behavior, signifancantly change individuals, warp relationships, ruin lives, and even end them. Since this realization, the justice system of our country has taken many different approches to combating drugs and the problems that they create. Throughout the early years of this country, drugs were first known as widely available, useful everyday substances, in which there were no govenment caps or control. Many of the illegal substances of today were once used to to relieve pain, calm nerves, cure ailments, and even increase sexual potency (Elaine Casey, 1978). During the 1800s, even opium and cocain were regularly used during surgical procedures or advertised to cure just about anything. Earlier cases of addiction are evident, however it seems the 1800s and onward was the time in which addiction was most prevalent. Women were often prescribed opiates to help with "womanly problems", creating an excess of opiate

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