Drug Use On College Campuses Essay

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College is the next step in one’s quest for higher education. Yet, many college campuses are known more for their wild weekends with parties, drinking, and the common get together. However some students take this fun a little too far. Underage drinking has become fairly common among campuses, but this is not the largest and most frightening problem. There has been a predominate increws in drug use among students over the past three decades; specifically, marijuana. According to, there is an “all time high at 36%” of college students using marijuana. With this increase in drug usage, new safety issues for the students are increasing. In order to combat safety concerns, introducing security cameras, extra security officers, and drug-dog sweeps may be the future on college campuses. Currently schools are searching ways to increase safety and lessen the problems that are found on campuses. Video cameras in the hallways are just the beginning to make campuses safer. But, what if things like drug dogs were allowed to sniff the hallways and pinpoint rooms for drugs in general? Yes, there is the new trend of legalization among states; however it is still illegal in most states across the country. The …show more content…

These questions may arise from those who feel that this oppresses their freedoms or from those who are currently involved in these types of behaviors. College is an option, and those who choose to attend a certain university are willingly putting themselves into established policies and procedures. If a certain college is too oppressive, students have the option of choosing a different learning institution in which they feel better meets their desired freedoms. Unfortunately, new policies may have a negative effect, invoking controversy for the school and possibly negative publicity due to upset

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