Drugs and Their Impact on Poverty

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There are many ways in which the drug problem impacts poverty. The most obvious way drug use impacts poverty is through the fact that drugs are addictive and an addict will do anything to get their drugs. A drug addict will spend their life savings on drugs once all of their money is gone they may then resort to criminal activities such as robbery in order to satisfy their growing habit. This drastically contributes to the issue of poverty because not only is the drug addict in poverty but the victim being robbed is also suffering financially. Crime is closely related to drugs because first of all drugs are a crime whether or not they are used for personal purposes or with intent to sell.
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It seems as though once on drugs it turns into a losing situation. There are other drug problems besides addiction. The risky drug business has a lot of money involved with it. Often people looking for easy money will turn to selling drugs to addicts to make it out of poverty. People can be using drugs to escape reality and not yet be addicted, just users. Either way, when a person is involved with drugs it frequently leads them to trouble with the law. "Eighty five percent of all felonies in Baltimore are drug-related" (Berger 9-11). Once these people hit jail and lose their freedom is when they finally realize they have hit rock bottom. A life like that will not end their drug problem, but will only enhance it, which once again will push the person further into poverty and elevated drug addiction. A more unfortunate case of drug use that leads to prison, which leads to poverty, involves mild use of the drug. "Contrary to your implication, most of the 22,386, men and women in New York prisons for drug offenses are low-level non-violent offenders, guilty at most of possessing or peddling minute amounts of drugs"(Berger 9-11). In this case these people were mild users or may have even been first time users. Unfortunately, the law does not, take this into consideration and, it is obvious that if you are caught with drugs you are guilty no matter how often you use
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