Drunk Drivers Research Paper

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First, to answer the question of if drivers distracted by smartphones should have the same penalties as drunk drivers, we must look at what the penalties are for drunk drivers who receive DUI’s. In Arizona, there are 3 categories of DUI; DUI, Extreme DUI, and Aggravated DUI. Any DUI offense results in alcohol education, screening, and treatment, the performance of community service, and equipping your vehicle with an /ignition interlock device, as well as other specific consequences. A DUI applies to anyone with a BAC of .08 or higher. Upon the first offense you will be jailed for no less than 10 days and be fined not less than 1250$. Any more DUI violations will result in no less than 90 days jail time, no less than 3000$ fine, and your license …show more content…

Drunk driving is a serious crime that can affect not only the driver's life but also the lives of anyone else on the road. Smartphone use can be just as dangerous. When you are distracted by your phone, whether by texting, on an app, or some other use, you are taking your eyes and concentration off of the matter at hand; driving. This distraction even if only for a split second can cause you to get in an accident. Although it is extremely wrong to use your phone while driving I believe that the sentences for DUI should not directly apply to drivers distracted by smartphones. I believe that if adjusted to fit the crime then yes, the penalties would apply nicely. Although it is illegal and immoral to use phones while driving I see it in another category than needing to receive jail time. The jail time I think should be removed from the equation unless in situation of repeated offense. As far as the license revocation goes I think it should remain, but be for shorter periods of time such as 1-3 months. As a person commits more offenses the length can be increased. The fines should remain, as should the requirement of community service and educational classes. Although these crimes are similar, they are not identical and therefore should not receive identical

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