Dual Enrollment Does It Right

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Dual Enrollment Does It Right

Georgia, parents, students, teachers, and administrators debate on the benefits between the Advanced Placement (AP) Program and Dual Enrollment (DE) Program. The AP Program was launched in 1952 to offer college level curricula and examinations to students in high school. Dual enrollment, in contrast was created in 2008 as a system which gave students the opportunity to take college classes at various universities during their high school years. AP and dual enrollment are fairly similar, however, dual enrollment gives students the most college experience. It is accessible to a variety of students, paid for by the state, and advances their knowledge in academic studies.

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This year, there were only about twenty ninth grade students registered. Many parents felt that the high school teachers were inexperienced in teaching their subjects at a college level. The AP teachers loaded children with work and expected the textbooks to teach the students the material. When students sign up for the dual enrollment program however; they are guaranteed college professors with degrees in the subjects they are teaching. Classroom discussions are required as well as syllabi that give the students the schedule of the class.

Secondly, dual enrollment is available for all students after the tenth grade. There are minor requirements that students in ninth and tenth grade have to meet. Any child has the opportunity to enroll in the dual program after passing the tenth grade. AP courses, in comparison are specifically designed for overachievers. Henry County students have to be requested by former teachers and approved by their counselors in order to sign up for any AP course. Dual enrollment gives all students the benefit of earning college credit; therefore it also teaches students to make good decisions on whether the dual program is something they can handle. Not only does the dual program encourage students, but it also saves them money.

Dual enrollment sets high school students one step closer towards finishing their college education. Every

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