Due 11Th January.To What Extent Are We Influenced By The

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DUE 11th January To what extent are we influenced by the media? Mass media can be defined as communication that transmits education, information, entertainment and news to mass audiences. Whether it be print media, such as newspapers and magazines, audio visual media, such as television, or cyber media, there has been debates on the impact and to what extent it can influence the populations behaviour, thoughts or actions. Print media, such as newspapers have an agenda. People trust newspapers as a reliable source of news and information, however journalists have been caught fabricating stories in the past, e.g. fake headlines published by the ‘Sun’, regarding the Hillsborough disaster, which seen the fans of Liverpool FC being branded as …show more content…

73*). The cultural effects model, associated with Neo-Marxism, believes that media has a powerful influence on the audience as it aims to transmit capitalist values and norms. Marxists believe that messages created by the media heavily reflect those who own, produce and create it. It can be argued that the ideological messages produced by the media may have long term effects on the population, leading to cultural hegemony, which is where the public gradually adapts and unconsciously shares the views of those who contribute to the broadcasting, (Revision World Networks Ltd., 2007*). This can be seen through those who share the thought that materialistic possessions are a necessity to be happy. Marxists further believe that television content has purposely been simplified, resulting in a decline of educational programmes, such as documentaries, which may give the audience knowledge to think and make educated critical analysis on events occurring in the world. For example, the media has continuously stereotyped those on benefits as scroungers, this may eventually lead to the elder generation not claiming the benefits they are entitled to out of fear of being stigmatised. Who the real scroungers are is a distorted topic, with many believing it is the banks as they take from the economy for themselves or those who claim benefits. Statistics also prove that only ?% of people are on benefits for more than ?

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