Dukes Talent Identification Program

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Gullen Essay
Children are natural learners using curiosity as an engine for their studies. Imagine what we are capable as students if we are allowed to study what we love and enjoy? Education in underdeveloped countries has attracted significant attention in recent years from educational policy makers around the world. It is considered a key social factor for economic prosperity as well as social progress in the fields of gender and racial equality. The Millennium Development Goals and Targets put “Achieve universal primary education” as Goal number two. The United Nations established Unesco (United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization) and the Heavily indebted poor country initiative (HIPC) to help developing countries improve their educational programs. A total of 653 million dollars where spent in the year 2012-2013 to help low and middle income countries improve their educational programs. However, while education coverage has increased over time, Bolivia still faces considerable challenges for its education system to improve. Universal coverage remains a challenge especially among disadvantaged groups. We desperately require the help of nonprofit organizations to help with our educational reform.
Bolivia’s National Educational System is composed of a formal and a non-formal sector. The non-formal system covers adult and special education. Formal education is divided into four cycles: initial, primary, secondary, and University. As recent as
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